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Get Ready for Great Fishing

My trips are at least 5 hours unless client request a shorter day. Each client is allowed to keep a limit of sand bass and a limit of Hybrids. These fish usually school together so either may be caught at any time, but either species may be targeted to the exclusion of the other. Catfish are on a "request only" and does not include the Hybrid or sand bass. Black Bass are "request only" and are catch-and-release(unless one catches a "Share A Lunker"). Photos will be taken and emailed to you, and all fish are filleted and bagged.

Before I fish with anyone, I like to discuss all the different possibilities. If the fish are biting I will tell you and, if they are not, I will most assuredly tell you because I am not in the habit of giving away free trips and that is exactly what I would be doing if the fish are not hitting. You have my written guarantee that if we have a "water haul" that the next trip is on me. So I really do not want to take you if there is no chance of success.

My methods are easy to learn as born out by the fact that I have taught well over 2,000 clients how to use them. Many of these folks were new to the game; some had not ever fished with a rod and reel and some had not fished at all! It does not matter whether you are a novice, a seasoned professional or somewhere in between. If you will give me a chance and an honest ear, I bet the farm that I can show you some tricks that you can use later.

Call me at 972-264-1352 or on my cell at 972-814-8942.

Thank you so much and feel free to give me a call. Hopefully we can 'hook up".