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Limit Reached in 3 Hours

Captain Johnny Procell has done it again! This is the second time this spring that I have called on Johnny to put us on the fish and boy did he! My mother-in-law saw how many fish we caught in April and how much fun we had with Johnny. She just had to come up from San Antonio to fish with Johnny for my wife’s B-day. I went out with my wife, Mother-in-law and her boy friend. Well - I will have to say the women won the bragging rights on this day. Johnny wanted us out on the water early but we had to get the kiddos off to school putting us in the water at about 8am. Johnny worked his magic and we had to work a little harder but still limited out in 3hrs on Sand Bass (WOW). Johnny knows where, when and what the fish are biting and for the price you cannot beat it. Just an awesome day fishing and an awesome birthday present for the wife! The kicker is that Johnny will fillet the fish for you in a matter of minutes (what a PRO). We had the back yard full that evening for a huge fish fry with the whole family. I will be back in July for the big Hybrids Stripers.

Now, He Is Guiding My Grandchildren

I have been fishing with Johnny Procell for over forty years. Some of my fondest memories have been fishing with my son and daughter with Johnny. They have been fishing with him since they were very young. He consistently puts us on fish even when others can't find them. Now, he is guiding my grandchildren and they love fishing with him. He is "the best"!

I Have Never Come Back Disappointed

I have been on many trips with Johnny Procell. He is just the best. I have been with guides all over America and no one compares. His sportsmanship and professionalism are amazing. He will do whatever it take to find fish and help us catch fish. I have never come back disappointed. If I could fish with one guide anywhere, it would be Johnny.

My Arms Were Tired

I have been fishing with Johnny for over 10 years….and we always catch fish. Most guides I have fished with talk about how, the day before my trip, they were killing it and hauling in a monster on every cast. Usually, I am left pretty disappointed at the end of my guided trip. But, that has never happened on a day at Lake Ray Hubbard with Johnny. I think the fewest number of fish we have ever caught was 60 and earlier this year we brought over 100 sand bass and hybrids into the boat.

What I love about Johnny is he is not afraid to move the boat to another part of the lake if the fish aren’t biting. He knows his clients are not paying to fish but to CATCH fish and Johnny always delivers. So you can expect to move around the lake a bit but the trips in between fishing spots are short and worth it. One day, we were driving around and found a spot where the big fish had pushed the shad up against a retaining wall and were hammering them. We stayed there for over an hour with pretty much every cast yielding a fish. I am not lying when I say my arms were tired.

Great For The Kids

Great North Texas Fishing Guide for Kids

For the past five years, my birthday present for my son is a day on the lake with Johnny. It is the best present for him because he loves to fish and a trip with Johnny always yields a mess of fish. Hybrids, stripers, sand bass and the occasional black bass always seem to show up on the end of our line when we are with Johnny. The mornings are always great. We hit the water early and go to where the hybrids and sandies are hitting the top water.

Once that action dies down, we start to follow the birds as they feed on the shad…always a sign of activity. When it’s good, it is very good with the water boiling all around the boat. Literally every cast yields a fish. A tradition on Ray Hubbard for us is to always make a run over to the Old Woman’s Hole and the Million Fish Hole to end the trip and push our number of fish caught past 100. Johnny is great with kids and makes sure to help them and teach them the love of fishing.

The Top of the Guide Game

I have fished with many guides over the years and Johnny is one of the best. Johnny has little patience for sitting around and “waiting for the fish to come to him.” He moves around the lake like a stalker trying to find the pods of fish and he consistently puts us on large numbers of fish everytime we fish with him. Johnny is also very patient with his customers as I’ve brought novices with me and he makes sure they experience the thrill of catching a large amount of fish. Simply put, Johnny is at the top of the guide game.