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"I have the patience of Job."


  • $260 for one or two clients
  • $270 for three clients
  • $280 for four clients
  • If you are a parent with one or two children less than 16 years old, I will work with you
  • If you are a senior, I will cut the price by 10%
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Why should you choose me as your fishing guide? I have been in the Dallas area for over 40 years. I neither smoke nor drink and I have the patience of "Job". Kids love me because I tell the parents to get into the front of the boat an to leave the little ones to me. Since I do not yell or scream at them, we usually develop a quick rapport and I develop a potential customer down the line. Many of those same kids now are grown and have children of their own who still fish with me.

I have shied away from the internet for a long time because I believed that a guide is one of the best anglers on a given lake on a regular basis. The internet has changed all that. In today's rushed society, one often does not have time to make the calls and inquires necessary to locate a competent guide. With a quick search of the internet, one can peruse any number of slick web sites and obtain the names of several "guides" on any given lake. While this is fast, is it the best method? I respectfully submit that this is not the best method! While there are countless competent guide sites available, there are also any number of charlatans out in internet land. So how does one go about finding the right guide?

My advice is to get several names and then call them on the telephone. It is fairly easy to tell if you are being led down the path. No one catches fish all the time and if the guide with whom you are speaking says so, take the story with a grain of salt. Honest guides will tell you if the fish are biting and what success they have experienced in the last few trips. It is fairly easy to put a bunch of pictures on the site. Check out the pictures listed on the page.. Are they current? ie. beware if all the shots are of people in short pants in the dead of winter and vice-versa.

I welcome all calls and can be reached at home at 972-264-1352 and my cell is 972-814-8942. If you need a guide, call me. I will tell you if the fish are hitting and will be as straightforward about your chances as possible. While I do not guarantee fish, I will give you the next one free if we have a miserable "no catch" day. All you have to do is pay for the gas. As with all professions, costs for guiding will vary. I am not the most expensive guide but nor am I the cheapest. I would remind you that if there is someone with a ridiculously low figure, beware! A guide is a professional with a mound of expenses and must charge enough to make a profit, unless he is just trying to justify the purchase to his wife for that shiny hydro-blaster sitting outside the carport.

I sincerely hope that this web page has been of service to you and that you will keep me in mind if you wish to go fishing.

The Cajun Guide
Johnny Procell