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February 2017 Fishing Report

This is a very good month for fishing but you best not forget Valentine's Day or you just might not fish the rest of the year. This past month has seen some truly crazy weather. For a few days it has been very cold and then things turn around and the weather is almost hot? Well never mind the weather. We anglers will persevere and overcome whatever challenges Ma Nature throws our way. We all know that winter is not over but you can rest assured that sometime near the last of this month that we will see some near eighty or warmer days. These warm days will signal the beginning of the spawning run for white and hybrid bass. The warmer days are necessary for this arduous challenge of swimming up a raging stream which depletes the white bass's energy. The good news is that the sandie is one of those fish that actively feed while in the spawning ritual. With those things in mind, let's go fishing. I hope that this report will help in some small way to get you on fish.

Black bass are holding off the rocks in water from eight feet on warm days out to as deep as eighteen feet when the norther blows in and drops the temperature. For the first part of the month I suggest you fish the rip-rap with fineness worms like the drop shot rigs or the four inch worm on a shaky head. If the weather warms for a few days don't count out a spinnerbait or a lipless crankbait. Work areas near visible cover like lay-down logs and bridge columns. Any variance in the bottom structure may be the honey hole you are seeking. This break in structure, be it ever so small, may be just the place that a school of pre-spawn bass will call home until the spawning clock tells them to move shallow. There are too many patterns to mention here but if one had to choose just one lure, I suggest the jig and pig and/or jig and whatever you choose as a trailer. This is a big bass bait but it does take some practice before one learns what a strike is like. A close second and a bait that anyone can fish is the jerk bait. They come in all sizes and weights and it is for good reason. Often times the bigger bass will only hit the three inch ones while conversely the smaller two to three pound ones want the seven inch or larger.

Sand bass and hybrid bass are just beginning the journey to the upper reaches of the lake but they will remain in the area south of I-30 until the last of the month. If there is a strong current on either the Rowlett Creek arm or on the East fork of the Trinity, both species will move up stream as far as they can go. This is the ideal time for those who do not have a boat to fish the Rowlett arm and to catch fish like the pros. All one needs is a handful of various colored jigs and an ultralight spinning reel. Work down to the water's edge and begin casting. If a ripple or bend in the creek is open then cast across the running water and allow the crappie jig to swing downstream with the current. When a weight is felt on the line set the hook and hang on. In the swift water the sandie is up to breaking lines and/or rods. Once one fish is caught stay in the area. Even if you have caught every fish in the eddy, more will soon come up the stream. This can be some of the most exciting fishing of the year and is open to almost anyone. On the East fork side of the lake a boat is required to reach the good fishing areas in the tail race of Lavon Dam or south of this area for about two miles. The same technique works here as it does on the Rrowlett arm. Find a bend in the old river bed and cast across the moving water into the eddy formed by the bend. Allow the jig to drift and wait for thew line to load up. Set the hook and hang on because these feisty fish can prove quite the challenge in the swift water. In the absence of flowing current the sandies will spawn along the I-30 corridor and on main lake points. Watch for the birds and slowly ease into casting range with a three inch soft plastic or a lipless crankbait. The aggressive fish will do the rest!

Crappie have still not made their way up around the Harbor Bay fishing barge and that is a mystery. I believe that the water has been off colored by the constant north winds and the fish just can not see the bait in the shallows. This will chance however as the weather settles and the water warms. At this time my clients catch from two to four huge crappie as we fish for sandies and hybrids in 27 to 30 feet of water. I truly believe that if a good crappie angler would get out in these depths that a new fishery would be discovered. Are you going to be the one who opens up this bonanza? If the deep water patterns are too challenging then the bridge columns are for you. The fish will stage around these supports and once a fish is caught in this area there may be several hundred more waiting.

The winter has just not been cold enough yet to bring the big blue cats into the shallow water so that fishery is slow at this writing. However, if I know February, the cold will come and with it a big shad kill. This will bring on the cats. Right now the catfish anglers are loading up by drift fishing in the area south of I-30 to about three hundred yards west of Chandler's Marine. The guys that I spoke with are using the punch type baits and fresh caught shad on the Santee Rig. If you go after these bruisers spool up with heavy line and have a reel to match strength with these bullies. Oh yes, do not forget the net-a very big net!

Folks I hope this report will help you catch fish. Stay alert to the changing weather and dress with warm clothing regardless of what the weather people say. Oh yes, did I mention to all you guys-DO NOT FORGET VALENTINE'S DAY! You will be a much happier person if you remember to bring the flowers and chocolates. Until next month, thanks to all who read athis report. The Cajun Guide/Johnny Procell 972-814-8942

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