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August 2017 Fishing Report

The person or persons who coined the phrase "dog days" must not have cared too much for our furry friends. This month brings blistering heat and winds that just suck all the moisture from one's body. It is hard to imagine why we would ever use that term or ones like "gone to the dogs." I hold my animals in highest regard and would never equate them to this arguably worst month of the year. Even though August brings some or and usually the most hot weather we as anglers do not have to curse it. As long as we stay well hydrated and have the good sense to come off the lake during the hottest parts of the day, fish can still be caught and often in good numbers. Bridges and/or other type structures that provide shade can make fishing in the noon till four o'clock time bearable. Now that you have probably guessed that I do not particular care for this month I will try to give you all some answers as to how one can beat the heat and have a good fishing trip.

Bass anglers have several options, the best of which is to fish at night. As the evening gradually cool and the sun't rays stopping boiling the water a strange transformation takes place. Bass that have been lying in the deeper cooler water begin a migration towards the shallows or they rise up in the water column to feed. Now those sulky almost impossible fish to catch begin to go on a feed because as cold blooded animals their metabolism is controlled by the temperature. The hotter it is the more often they eat. With that said many of you who have just spent four or six hours on the hot lake with no success or very little there off just might disagree with me. Let's see if I can do something to increase your chances! I will not go into a whole lot at this writing about night fishing because most of you will not be venturing forth to fight the lack of sleep and insects to try to connect with the bass of a life time when she hits in the wee hours of the morning. If you happen to be of the Dracula Cult and can endure the many pitfalls of night fishing I take my hat off to you for the rewards far outnumber the myriad of other possibilities. Keep an eye of that up-coming full moon and be sure to try this craziness either two days before or two days after the full moon and you just may stop fighting the heat and become a night owl!

For the saner bunch this is the time of year to work the levies in twelve to sixteen feet of water with Texas rigged plastics, one half ounce jigs and deep diving crankbaits. I gave you the depths because the thermocline has set up at sixteen feet and usually fishing below that demarcation line will be an exercise in futility. The levee system north of I-30 on the Bass Pro side of the lake is a great place to start. Pick up the levee where it comes under the I-30 bridge and follow it north. work the area carefully and very slowly. Try both sides because the bass may be located on either but almost always on the shady side. there are numerous stumps and trees slightly below the surface so do not get brave and open up that hydro-blaster to hook 'em to some new hot spot or it is possible that the fiberglass repair person will be the next person of interest with who you speak! There is another levee that intersects the inundated railroad bed just above Harbor Bay Marina and travels North all the way up under the 66 highway bridge to the golf course point. By the way the spot where the levee comes under the bridge is an excellent worm and big crankbait hole and it just might be the best night hole on the lake! If you are the type who has a hard time concentrating when you cannot see visible structure try tying on one of the big silver jigging spoons and working it on top of either of these man made structures.

Sandbass and hybrids are on the prowl early and very late. One of the better spots on the lake is on the south side of the bridge nearest the eastern shore. The sandies and all other species come to this area late in the afternoon because heat does strange things to the lakes. The water, though appearing placid and non moving, is never-the-less in a more or less constant fluctuation. The waters travel north in the early morning and south in the late afternoon and it is this movement that triggers the bite. Shad swim with the current because it is simply easier for them to do so since they follow the flow and as the water moves, so do the baitfish. The hybrids and sandies know this and set up ambush points on the south side of the bridge to await the nightly migrations much as the crocodiles await the herds of Wilderbeast that cross the rivers in Africa. Each may know that the predators await but seem somehow impossible to change their daily movements. These fish will hit a variety of baits including top water lures at times when the force the shad to the surface or on slab lures or lead tail spins when they sound. Regardless of the lure choice fish it fast and work the area thoroughly. While this is the time of year that sandies and hybrids usually school on top such has not been the case so far. If they suddenly change their patterns catch my report on Radio 1080 on Saturday and Sunday mornings at five a.m.

Crappie are doing their usual thing up under all the bridges. Seems they prefer shade, that is the popular theory and people fish them accordingly. I will emphatically tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. Now I will not tell you that anglers do not catch crappie on Lake Ray Hubbard under the bridges in summer. What I will tell you is that most of the many fish caught are small. The areas that I suggest you fish are in the main lake near the dam on the levees. While my clients are sandbass fishing in the open water we occasionally drift over a levee and without fail they pull three or four, sixteen to seventeen inch paper mouths from the edge of the woods on these man made structures. If one were to actually target these spots with small crappie jigs or minnows there is no telling how many of these big barn door crappie could be caught. One day I am going to get a couple of avid crappie anglers out and just see what gives down lake when we actually target these fish! The reason I have not done it sooner is that one must fish slowly and stay in one spot for extended periods and that has not been in my DNA. However, as I get older I am beginning to slow down a bit, so we shall see what happens.

Catfish are for the most part moved out into the deeper waters of the main lake but this in no way means they are deep. As with the other species cats cannot live for extended lengths of time below the thermocline and as I satated, that is around sixteen feet. Again my clients catch from one to maybe six cats per trip as we fish for hybrids and sandbass. They will readily hit a slab and if you have a jig tied above it it is a certainty that if you stay in deep water one will sooner or later grab your offering. I would target the area about two hundred yards east of the power plant because the company periodically pumps water through the turbines and this turns the cats on to whatever bait you choose. Fresh caught shad are best but the many punch bait creations will also get you a nice bunch of eating cats. Just remember to not fish on the bottom. try to set your baits to drag just above the sixteen feet mark.

Folks this month will be hot without doubt but that is never-the -less reason for not going fishing. The cooler mornings and late afternoons are easiest to fish for the angler but not always the best times for the big bite. This is the time of year for the ten to fifteen pound hybrids to bite down lake during the heat of the day from about one until three o'clock if one can stand it. Big slabs on top of the sunken roadbeds and on the flats can get your arm jerked and test your equipment to the mas. Please stay hydrated. Heat can kill you if you forget to keep plenty of liquid in your system. I was very busy last week with taking fish off the hook, retying lures, removing backlashes and the other hundred things a guide has to do daily and I forgot my own advice. I ended up in the emergency room with acute dehydration! The doctor told me that I was lucky that I came in, for I likely would have suffered severe brain damage or death had I not had the good sense to listen to my darling wife and do what she suggested. I do not want any of you to go through what I did so please, drink water until it literally runs out your ears and then drink some more!

Until next month stay cool, drink plenty of water and go fishing. August may be for the dogs but it is also for us die hard anglers. The Cajun Guide/Johnny Procell 972-814-8942

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