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November 2017 Fishing Report

Before I begin my spill please allow me to wish each and everyone of you a happy and safe Thanksgiving. We in America have so much to be thankful for but I pray for those less fortunate. The double whammy of the twin hurricanes, the wild fires on the west coast and the devastating earthquake in Mexico makes one understand just how fortunate we have been in this area. As you sit down to that big turkey dinner or perhaps in my case, a goose; think of those who have had to endure the brunt of mothers's wrath and say a silent prayer for them. The Good Lord will give them the strength they need to recover but it just might help Him to know that there are thousands of us out here who feel their pain. I did not mean to in any way cast a damper upon this second greatest holiday. Happy Turkey Day everyone! Now lets's see if I can give you all some pointers that just might help you replace that turkey with fish. Not a fan? Well just try some Hybrid Striper and dressing and your mind might be changed!

Black bass have moved shallow and will stay in the five to fourteen feet range for the foreseeable future. This apple cart could be changed if we get some really cold weather towards the end of the month but it would not surprise me if we are still in summer wear up to Thanksgiving. Expect the bass to be aggressively feeding and this dictates a fast moving lure like a Rattle Trap or similar lipless crankbait and/or a spinnerbait. I want my clients to cover as much water as possible to increase their chances of running into a nice school or perhaps a "Big Mamoo". I do not believe it matters that much where one fishes but it does matter how one fishes. Find a brown breakwater on the East side of the lake and cast away. The strike will come within the first few feet so it is not necessary to fish the lure all the way back to the boat. Get parallel to the breakwater and make long cast and that problem can be fixed since the lure is in the productive water longer. Bass anglers be sure to try the water on the Rowlett Creek arm on the North side all the way to the GWBT. Lots of big ones here!

Sand Bass and Hybrids should begin to patrol the shallows near rip-rap or on any point. My clients have had mixed results lately. This is usually a slam dunk pattern for this time of year but the surface temperature has just not dropped enough to entice the shad in for their final spawn. They will usually wait until the last few days before it gets really cold before they make this last ditch effort to put enough of their species in the water so that there will be some residual when spring comes regardless of how cold the winter. Expect a few gulls to begin working the roving schools and watch for the bigger splashes. There are many schools of five to ten inch sandies and small hybrids in the twelve to fifteen inch class schooling on top right now. Nothing works better than a Rooster Tail with a silver spinner for these fish. The trouble is one may have to catch twenty to get a keeper. However, if there are bigger splashes, switch to a small lipless crankbait or a four inch Sassy Shad in chartreuse metal flake. The bigger sandies have no trouble with this bait and the hybrids love it. Good spots are the levees out to the East of the Power Plant and south of Chandler's Landing.

Crappie will be stacked under the bridges with a bunch under the bridge nearest the east shore. Small minnows will work fin but the true crappie anglers seem to prefer the smaller crappie jigs fished on six to eight pound line. My clients have had a bit of success catching them on trolled rigs far out from the shore on shoals and long points. No doubt but that we could catch more if we would switch to more conventional crappie baits. Good electronics will reveal these big schools of paper mouths that likely have never seen a lure. Might just be worth one's time to spend a few hours and search for these schools.

Catfish are on the prowl and the colder it gets the better they will bite. Try drifting on the north side of 66 near the east bank. There is a road bed and several creeks that the lure will drag across and that is where the cats will stack up. Punch baits will catch them but nothing beats fresh caught shad. Another good spot is on the west side of the 66 bridge where the old road came out. There is a lot of concrete that is under water which was left when the bridge was torn down. This is a great spot to still fish. The flats out in front of the power plant and the area just south of Bass Pro are also great drifting areas when using the Santee Rig.

Hopefully some of what I have penned will prove to have merit and maybe help someone new to the lake or maybe a regular catch a bunch of fish. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and if you are on the water, keep an eye peeled for quick weather changes. This is Texas Remember! I will be back with you all next month.

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