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"It has been said that the Lord does not count the days spent fishing against your total allotment."

Johnny Procell

I am an affable young old man. Although I am 60 years old, I feel as though I am 25. It has been said that the Lord does not count the days spent fishing against your total allotment. If this is true I may live to be 100 since I have guided for over 40 years averaging over 150 days per year. I have been fortunate to have been able to fish with some of the legends of fishing as well as over 2,000 average anglers. It is these anglers that I truly love to guide. Many were children less than 10 years of age who are now grown and have children of their own. Thankfully these, and many other regular customers, have kept me in business all these years.

I began my career on Toledo Bend Lake in the 1960's when you could expect to catch over 100 bass. With more people enjoying the sport of fishing today, we will likely never see anything like this. I have fished some of the Mexican lakes where you could expect to see two miles of schooling fish. Unfortunately today's angler will probably never see anything akin to this spectacle.

During these years, I also fished Ray Hubbard, which was and still is an excellent black bass lake. In my opinion, Ray Hubbard is the best Hybrid Striper Lake in the nation. I am prejudiced, of course, since one of my clients,John Haney, caught the state record Hybrid of 19 pounds 10 and one half ounces here. My clients continue to catch from five to fifteen hybrids as well as dozens of bragging-sized sand bass on a daily basis. In fact we have boated well over a half million sand bass and hybrids over the past 40+ years. Argurably, there is no one who has caught more sand bass and hybrids than my customers and me, and it is an even bet that nobody has matched my catches over time.

I also fished Lake Fork, Palastine, Joe Poole Texhoma, Whitney, Cedar Creek and the lake that I split my time on these days, Tawakoni. Through the years I have developed techniques of catching fish that virtually assure that anyone who fishes with me can duplicate. Many others may claim to have developed these methods but remember I have been teaching and writing about them for four decades. As a matter of record my exploits have been chronicled in Bass Master, Field and Stream, Outddoor Life, and Fishing Facts as well as several hundred newspapers. I have written a numerous articles as well as doing the fishing reports and detailing the "honey hdoles" on a number of maps that you see in sporting goods stores.

Why should you choose me as your fishing guide? I have been in the Dallas area for over 40 years. I neither smoke nor drink and I have the patience of "Job". Kids love me because I tell the parents to get into the front of the boat an to leave the little ones to me. Since I do not yell or scream at them, we usually develop a quick rapport and I develop a potential customer down the line. Many of those same kids now are grown and have children of their own who still fish with me.

My boat is a high sided 22 feet long center console bay boat with a new 150 four-stroke Suzuki to get you out and back safely. I was a fire fighter for the city of Grand Prairie for 32 years, with my last eight as battalion chief, so I have a good knowledge of first aid and CPR should an accident or emergency occur.

My favored species are sand bass and hybrid striped bass, but rest assured, I still keep up with the black bass and can often show some of the rising stars a few tricks.

I welcome all calls and can be reached at home at 972-264-1352 and my cell is 972-814-8942. If you need a guide, call me. I will tell you if the fish are hitting and will be as straightforward about your chances as possible. While I do not guarantee fish, I will give you the next one free if we have a miserable "no catch" day. All you have to do is pay for the gas. As with all professions, costs for guiding will vary. I am not the most expensive guide but nor am I the cheapest. I would remind you that if there is someone with a ridiculously low figure, beware! A guide is a professional with a mound of expenses and must charge enough to make a profit, unless he is just trying to justify the purchase to his wife for that shiny hydro-blaster sitting outside the carport.

I sincerely hope that this web page has been of service to you and that you will keep me in mind if you wish to go fishing.

The Cajun Guide
Johnny Procell